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We are a Non-Profit Organization that works to improve the lives of children now for our future tomorrow. Every child has the right to an education, nutrition and light in their life. We are ordinary, everyday, people who believe that aid alone cannot fix the problem. All residents of Earth are connected and interdependent; it is our goal to inspire all those Luz works with to be ambassadors for change.

End Conditions That Lead to Child Poverty

End Conditions That Lead to Child Poverty

It is less about helping one child at a time and more about encouraging the development of entire communities; our focus is to relieve, decrease and eventually eliminate the conditions that are leading to child poverty. Addressing the underlying causes and providing aid now will prevent these problems in the future.

Life skills are important tools and many people do not have anyone to teach them. This leads to cyclic behavior and more problems for generations to come.

We are all connected and interdependent. Your actions encourage new thoughts in the hearts and minds of those around you. What are you encouraging?

Luz uses to the following tools to promote positive growth:

* Exposure that introduces new positive thoughts, behaviors and experiences allows for growth and opportunity.

* Education – Through the learning process, knowledge, sets of skills and awareness can be obtained and later taught.

* Aid - Every recipient of aid from Luz is taught that it is there responsibility to help others.

100% of all donations go to children in need.

Every member of the Luz staff is unpaid.

The Eclipse

The Eclipse

The sun's is marvelous and perfect and illuminates everything it touches. Our only job here on Earth is to reflect the light onto others.

The symbol, the eclipse, is an example of how brilliant a small amount of light can really be.

Share Your Light

Share Your Light

"Share your light" is a the responsibility of a person to use their "light" to improve the lives of others around them. Each and every individual has their own light. This gift or talent can be:

* Developed
* Earned
* Hidden
* Innate

Share your light is a way to use your gifts to enrich the lives of others. Every person has their own passions and talents to share with others. Through sharing, these gifts inspire undiscovered talents and lead to new creations and innovations. Sometimes all you need is a guiding light to know what possibilities exist. Share what you love to do and illuminate the minds of others.

Too often we direct our best selves toward the wrong audience. Imagine helping a child who not only wants your help but needs it to survive. Every person has their own gift that they can share with the world to improve the lives of others.

Let your mind’s ideas and your heart’s desires lead your body to act. Share your light.



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