Empower children to one day share their own light
Help children reach their full potential
Proper education and exposure to new opportunities will decrease child poverty and lead to positive growth for all.

Our Mission

Luz Foundation provides hope and encouragement to underprivileged children inspiring boundless growth, empowering them to one day share their own light.

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It is our desire to not only provide immediate aid but to also introduce new experiences and ideas to children so that they may improve their communities


We invite them form their own dreams and inspire others



Education is critical to reducing poverty and inequality


Aid helps equip future ambassadors of change


Exposure introduces new positive thoughts, behaviors and experiences that allow for inspiration and growth

The process of change stems from Aid, Education and Exposure

Luz uses 3 principles to promote growth and change

The goal is less about helping one child at a time and more about encouraging the development of entire communities; our focus is to relieve, decrease and eventually eliminate the conditions that are leading to child poverty. Addressing the underlying causes and providing aid now will prevent these problems in the future.

Life skills are important tools and many people do not have anyone to teach them. This leads to cyclic behavior and more problems for generations to come.

We are all connected and interdependent. Your actions encourage new thoughts in the hearts and minds of those around you.


Exposure introduces new positive thoughts, behaviors and experiences that allow for growth and opportunity. Some of the ways Luz exposes children to the possibilities of brighter futures are:

  • Field trips including but not limited to museums and parks
  • Giving back to their communities – Every recipient of aid from Luz is automatically a Luz volunteer and provided with volunteer opportunities
  • Career days – This gives the children the opportunity to learn about different careers and vocations so that they are aware of the possibilities available.
  • Films that encourage ethics, culture and diversity
  • Hobby/skill days -Classes that introductory classes in self defense, music, art, trade, commerce, college application, etc.

We want to ensure that they are aware of all the opportunities that are out there. Orphaned children typically do not have the opportunity to be taught life skills. The question arises: what happens when the child is of age that they have to leave to orphanage? Most have nowhere to go, means to live or the skills to help them survive and thrive.

We want to equip people that will be the change in their communities.


Education is essential to reducing poverty and inequality. Through the learning process, knowledge, sets of skills and awareness can be obtained and later taught to create lasting change within a community. The Luz Foundation provides the following opportunities for children to receive an education:

  • opportunity and necessities needed to go to school
  • health and nutrition
  • preventive medicine awareness on how to stay healthy
  • recycling
  • environmental responsibility and awareness
  • how to protect themselves and be aware of child exploitation, abuse and neglect

Aid that promotes aid is our highest valued belief. Luz strives to provide immediate aid in the form of goods to alleviate unhealthy conditions.

All recipients of aid from Luz also contribute as volunteers. Luz encourages and teaches those we aid to be self-sufficient and contribute to their surroundings in a positive manner.

Aid that promotes sharing, teaching and learning can be sustained and passed on to others.

  • basic child rights of food, water, shelter, safety, and the opportunity to go to school
  • aid that encourages the receiver to aid others throughout their life
  • aid and exposure also includes affection, positive encouragement, and affirmation while teaching kids to be kind to others

We can’t do this without your help


  • I donated my time to the Luz foundation because I believe in what they're doing and find it to be an admirable cause. It's a great organization, keep doing what you're doing!

  • The Luz foundation was an organization that I thought I would be a blessing someone when in turn has blessed me with love and joy from these amazing girls. Their affectionate presence fills up the room and longing to connect with you is nothing more than pure love. The Luz foundation provides a way to reach out to girls to allow them to feel a connection and to feel part of this crazy world we in.

    Sonia T.
    Sonia T.Volunteer
  • In order for future generations to achieve their full potential, each individual must discover their true strength that defines them. That's where Luz Foundation comes in and their work not only helps the world today, but also ensures a better future.

    Reuben B.
    Reuben B.
  • La Luz es una fundacion que me toco el Corazon, porque es puro amor del verdadero. Es maravilloso poder ayudar a los ninos y ver sus caritas felices llenas de agradecimiento.

    Gloria R.
    Gloria R.


Share your light

Share your light is a way to use your gifts to enrich the lives of others. Every person has their own passions and talents to share with others. Through sharing, these gifts inspire undiscovered talents and lead to new creations and innovations. Sometimes all you need is a guiding light to know what possibilities exist. Share what you love to do and illuminate the minds of others.



Time is priceless and the benefits of this gift are boundless. You already have a talent that you share. We would like to embrace you here and help you to share it with kids and communities that really need your help. Each decision and action makes an impact on the lives of others; let your impact be positive.



Shine is a very specific part of the volunteer program where an entire project can actually be centered around your talent. If you are gifted and knowledgeable about something and want to share it with the world to make it a better place, Shine is for you.
• Use your special gift to create an entire project
• Inspire others
• Educate others on what you already know and love to do to make their lives better

Your gifts are wonderful things to share with the world. They are things that makes you unique and shine. These are parts of your inner light and tools for you to inspire and provoke thought in others around you.



There are many lives that have been changed through the grace of others. One person’s story of grace can inspire others. Show kids that there is hope and that there are ways to live your life to make it better no matter what trials you may have to overcome. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a family or friends to encourage them. Your story can be their encouragement.

We want to hear your stories:
• Has someone helped you in any way large or small that has impacted your life?
• Have you helped someone in any small way that has changed their life?

We want to hear your story. Share it with us that we may share with others.

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